Patent Pro Bono Program Guidelines

Program Prerequisites

Before applying for the Patent Pro Bono Program, you must have completed the following steps:

Program Terms and Conditions

By completing my TALA membership application, I agree to the following:

  • I understand that I am not entering into an attorney-client relationship with TALA or any of TALA’s employees.  TALA is a volunteer matching service only and does not offer legal advice or direct legal services.
  • I understand that my communications with TALA are not confidential, and I should not provide TALA with confidential or proprietary information. I should provide this information only to the volunteer attorney or patent agent with whom I’m matched.
  • I understand that no attorney-client relationship exists between me and any TALA volunteer until we have entered into a mutually-agreed written engagement contract.
  • Prior to entering an engagement contract with me, an attorney or patent agent may vet my suitability as a client by running a check for conflicts of interest, running prior art searches on my invention, or performing other routine investigations. I agree to provide all information necessary to assist the attorney/agent in this process.
  • Patent matters can be time sensitive, and I understand that TALA cannot guarantee that a suitable volunteer match will be found within a specified amount of time. I understand that I am ultimately responsible for my own filing deadlines.
  • While TALA volunteers provide legal services free of charge, I understand that I will be expected to pay patent office fees and any out-of-pocket costs involved in the representation. These costs may include draftperson charges, computerized research charges, patent search charges, copying costs, postage, etc.
  • I understand that TALA cannot predict or promise any specific outcome for my case.
  • I understand that TALA reserves the right to terminate my membership if I no longer meet eligibility guidelines, or if TALA is unable to serve me.


I AGREE with the above prerequisites, terms, and conditions and wish to apply for the TALA Patent Pro Bono Program [CLICK HERE].