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TALA is expanding the selection on our YouTube channel!

With the new normal keeping us from putting on our usual in-person seminars, we’re diving head first into the realm of online webinars.

TALA will be livestreaming our webinars on our YouTube channel, TALA Office. Completed webinars will posted as videos. Check out our events page for upcoming webinars.

Here are some recent webinars:

Up Schitt’s Creek Without a Paddle: Legal Protections and Emergency Aid for Artists If you are an artist, you must know the very basics about protecting your artwork and work for hire laws to have a successful career.

The Art of Taxes It’s important to be up to date with information that impacts your tax liability.

Monetizing Your Music Part 1 In part one of this series, we will explore the music publishing landscape, ensuring that you learn where you need to affiliate to collect your earned royalties from the songs you write.

Monetizing Your Music Part 2 In part two of this series, we will discuss the mechanics of distributing your music digitally while comparing and contrasting some of the main features of the popular music distribution aggregators.

Copyright Essentials for Musicians Musicians! Learn about the basics of copyright law and protecting your works through registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.