Record Keeping Tips For Self-Employed Creatives

Presented in partnership with the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

CPA Lisa Sretenovic shares information about maintaining business financial records.

Many artists operate as sole proprietors of creative businesses whether or not they identify themselves as a business entity. COVID-19 and weather-related disasters impacting the creative sector led to numerous government and private relief aid efforts that required business records for application and receipt of assistance. Many independent contractors and sole proprietor artists were caught off guard and scrambled to gather and create accurate records. This seminar will provide record keeping tips especially for the artist sole proprietor or independent contractor, so when life happens, you’ll be prepared to easily access pertinent financial information.

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Meet the speaker:

Lisa Sretenovic, CPA/CITP/CGMA

Lisa is a business coach competent in accounting, finance, and management.  She is also skilled in strategic planning/budgeting, analysis, process improvement, and training. As a result of her work in varied industries (public accounting/tax, professional practices, real estate investment, SaaS, telecommunications, manufacturing, hospitality, music production, and oil & gas), she possesses experience that is broad and allows knowledge application from one area to others. One of her strongest abilities is to communicate complex financial information in a language appropriate for the audience, from the board of directors to the IT department or the director’s assistant to the small business owner. Her specialties include financial consulting for small & start-up companies focusing on the business owner’s financial literacy and how that improves business growth.  Lisa is a current professional volunteer for artists and arts organizations through TALA and is a past TALA board member.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.